Friday, 6 November 2015

'Heroines of the Golden Age': Intimacy and variety from Kirkby and Lindberg

Brighton Early Music Festival

Dame Emma Kirkby (soprano)
Jakob Lindberg (theorbo-lute)

Works by
Henry Lawes
William Lawes
and others

St George's Church, Brighton, Wednesday 4 November 2015

'Kirkby’s diction and communication were so crystal clear'.

'Kirkby’s execution was incredibly precise, whilst still communicating the text'.

'It was a delight to see performers so able to communicate such intimate repertoire, making for a thoroughly engaging evening'.

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  1. This was my experience of her performance when I met her here in Berkeley in 2012. Her voice was impeccable, certainly, but her delivery was unmatched. Communication is the perfect word to describe her interaction with the audience. She made the rather large room feel small and intimate, as though she telling me, and me alone, a story with that beautiful voice. I have never been so enthralled with a performer, ever, or since. I am so happy to hear that she continues to entrance her audiences with her magic. :-)